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Notice when you will take a leave of absence, withdraw from the program, etc.

To SPRING fellow and recipient of Fellowship

In the guidebook of the program, there is information on the conditions of cancelation or suspension of the program on the page 6 of the guidebook, and we ask you to contact the person in charge if you fall under any of these conditions. In case of withdrawal, leave of absence or leave from school, or in case that you fall under the income regulation (including the case that you are not sure whether your situation falls under the conditions), please contact the person in charge below as soon as possible.

To avoid returning your Support for devotion to research after it is paid to your account, we ask you for your early-contact.

<Cited from the Guidebook>

Withdrawal, cancelation, suspension

1. The types of students listed below are not eligible for support under this program. If you fall under any of these types during or after the selection process, or if you wish to withdraw from this program for any other reasons, please notify us promptly by submitting “Notice of Withdrawal” to the section in charge. In the event that you are selected for the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, information will be shared with the relevant departments within the university and you will be deemed to have withdrawn your application/selection for this program. In this case, there is no need to submit “Notice of Withdrawal”.

・Students selected for the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists

・Students obtaining stable income through salary, executive remuneration, or the like from their affiliated university, company, etc., at a level sufficient to cover living expenses (2.4 million yen annually). (As income from paid internship, RA, TA, or part-time job is not regarded as stable income, such income is not subject to regulation based on the amount of income. However, if it interferes with research, career development or training content efforts, the support may not be continued. In addition, if you are earning more than 2.4 million yen annually by holding a post such as a non-regular employee or a temporary employee for some period of time, you are not eligible to apply for the program. This also applies to self-employed worker.)

・International students supported by a Japanese Government Scholarship, a scholarship from their home country, or the like

2. Your selection under this program may be cancelled or support may be suspended temporarily if any of the following applies:

・ Inadequate engagement with studies and/or research;

・ Withdrawal, suspension, or leave of absence from the doctoral program;

・ Subjection to disciplinary action under the Article 53 mutatis mutandis application of paragraph 1, Article 32 of the General Regulations of Kyoto University (Order No. 3 of 1953);

・Other grounds judged by the program’s coordinators to warrant cancellation or temporary suspension.


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