Division of Graduate Studies

Kyoto University Division of Graduate Studies


In order to encourage excellent and motivated students to gather at our university from home and abroad and work hard together, it is necessary to solve the major issues common to our graduate schools, such as alleviating the major financial burdens of entering graduate school instead of getting a job, clarifying future career paths, and providing educational opportunities and support which connect students to the career. The newly established Division of Graduate Studies will work on priority issues that need to be accelerated throughout the university, for example implementation, planning and operation of common / cross-graduate education, support and quality assurance of various cross-graduate education programs, management of financial support for graduate students, career support, industry-academia collaboration support, recruitment of international students and international education (short-term study abroad(receiving research guidance from overseas researcher)overseas internships, etc.)

System diagram

Division of Graduate Studies
Division of Graduate Studies Council

Center for Basic Graduate Courses

We will work on the following matters related to basic graduate eduation.

  • Curriculum organization
  • Grade criteria and grade evaluation methods
  • Planning and implementation of basic graduate courses evaluation of implementation status
  • Faculty Development

Center for Career Development and Global Education

  • Academia-Industry Cooperative Education Office
  • Academic Life and Career Support Office
  • Global Education Promotion Office

Center for Interdisciplinary Graduate Education

We will work on the following items related to the interdisciplinary graduate education.

  • Evaluation and quality assurance planning of management, coordination of WISE Program(Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education) and Program for Leading Graduate Schools
  • Planning, quality assurance, and issuance of certificate of completion of interdisciplinary graduate education courses

Center for Basic Graduate Courses