Division of Graduate Studies


(January 15th)Nature workshop『Impressive Academic Presentations』

As one of the activities of the Support for Pioneering Graduate Students presented by the Kyoto University Graduate Division, we aim at providing various opportunities for career development to the doctoral students.

Let us inform you of an online event.

Kyoto University Medical Science and Business Liaison Organization,
Kyoto University School of Public Health, and Kyoto University
Graduate Program for Medical Innovation, are pleased to announce the
“Impressive Academic Presentations” workshop, a service provided by Nature Japan, to
provide training opportunities for academic presentation.

Last year, we held the workshop “Getting Published” and received more than 300 applications for the 250-person limit.
We expect a large number of applicants again this year. Please apply as soon as possible.

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please register using the Google form below.
deadline:December 15th (Friday), 2023.
※Part1:Capacity of 250 people
 Part2:Capacity of 30 people
In the event of a large number of applicants, the organizer will decide whether to accept or reject applicants.

[Workshop Contents]
Participation fee: Free of charge
Target: Young researchers to mid-career researchers (undergraduates,
graduate students, research students, faculty members, etc.)
Lecturer: Dr. Jeff Robens
Location: Face to face only, at International Science Innovation Building

January 15th, 2024 (Monday) 9:30~17:30
Part1(250 people)
1.Planning your narrative(9:30-10:45)
2.Poster presentations(11:00-12:30)
3.Slide presentations(13:30-15:00)
4.Professional presentation skills(15:15-16:05)

Part2(30 people)
5.Presentation activity for 30 participants(16:30-17:30)

【key features】
1.    Supports researchers with strategies to produce and deliver successful academic presentations
2.  Includes a workbook with key points, activities to reinforce the content, and additional online resources
3.    Attendees to the part2 work together in group activities and have a chance to practice presenting their research